How to pick your topic

When I talk to people about how I teach programming online, they tell me, “Of course you’re successful..programming and design skills are in a ton of demand.” They’ll then follow up and ask, “do you think there’s demand to teach on X?”

My short answer is a resounding yes

Here's the longer answer..after analyzing our own success and meeting people who’ve made $100,000+ teaching other topics, we’ve gotten a clear understanding on exactly what makes a course valuable. As long as your course is built to solve a timely problem – there’s demand to make just as much on almost any topic you can imagine. 

The best way to nail your topic is to start broad and then hone in. For this lecture, I’d like you to find the one topic or set of topics that:

1. You're passionate about - This could be something relevant to your long-term career goals or business. It could even be a more personal topic like relationships, health or even a hobby. Being passionate is the most important criteria because coming into it, it’s not likely you know everything about a topic. Perhaps one of the biggest surprises about teaching for us is how much you’ll learn during the process of actually teaching a subject.

2. You have some experience in - To teach online, it’s much easier to start off with a topic you’re an expert in. That said, being an "expert" at something is more of an important signal that it's a topic you’re genuinely passionate about it. Even if you're not some foremost expert, the right passion to refine your understanding, whether that's in interviewing other influencers in the space, or doing what it takes to find the best answer for your students, will get you miles ahead. 

For this lecture, I'd love to hear from you. What is the one topic or set of topics you're passionate about and have expertise in? 

Once you’re at this starting point, we'll can dig into the next important point, which is your unique angle. 

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